Scribble Art

Since we can’t run our group art therapy during lockdown we decided to create an online ‘art AS therapy’ group instead – this is an informal drop-in type session where we just chat and create as the mood takes us.

Coloured Duck from Squiggle Drawing

Last week we had a go at doing some scribble art, which worked really well so this week we tried a suggestion to do it with our non-dominant hand.

The idea is to draw with your eyes shut and see what pops out at you from the resulting squiggles.

Original Page of Squiggles with Non-Dominant Hand
Picking out the Shapes

All members of the group get something different and it’s really exciting to see what happens – give it a go!

Some dominant-hand squiggle drawings from the previous online session

A Fox Emerged from an 11 Year Old’s Squiggles
rabbit from squiggle drawing
Rabbit Emerges from Squiggle Drawing with Eyes Closed

The online sessions are hosted by an Art Therapist but are strictly NOT art therapy sessions, just a place to chat and make art with whatever you have to hand – we had a person join today and said it was the first time she’d drawn!

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Free Books & Vintage Images

Have you heard of Project Gutenberg? You can download free books from vintage craft books to the classics – even making use of the images as they’re in the public domain and generally royalty free*.

As well as free reading books, there’s loads of creative inspiration there:

A book that caught my eye was: Needlework Economies: A Book of Mending and Making with Oddments and Scraps

I found the image of the girl darning for ‘fun’ amusing, considering we are all looking for crafts to keep the kids busy during lockdown – I would sure like to see the response if we tried this suggestion!

So that image is perfect for a pin on our Pinterest ‘Funnies Board‘ and I might also use the front cover as a tracing image (click on it and save to your own device if you want to use it for something).

use a vintage book cover image as a pattern for art and craft
Inspiration: use old book cover images in your art and craft
e.g. tracing the intricate design here as a relaxing creative session
(click / press to save to your device)

Images are not high resolution so they are ideal for use as a starting point for inspiring a project, you might struggle to use them ‘in’ a project that needs good quality images. Gutenberg splits out the images from books into their own blue ‘Images’ folder if you look through the file options presented. This saves you from having to download entire books and individually save images from within them – unless you need to use the text as well, in which case downloading the whole thing is advisable.

A warning – browsing through Gutenberg is a bit like the black hole of Pinterest – you may find yourself there a while!

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*Public domain usage and ‘royalty free’ can depend on your country so it pays to read the blurb and use your common sense e.g. you can find Beatrix Potter books on Gutenberg but to use those commercially in the UK would be a breach of copyright.

Free Printable Activities for Elderly People

Today I discovered Twinkl’s printable activities for elderly people; they have a whole host of resources listed under ‘dementia support’ amongst their adult education printables, but obviously, we were intrigued by their creative ones – and what a find!

You can sign up for a free account and then download the printables you need – as well as art and craft ideas there are resources for reminiscence, intergenerational activities and even support, wellbeing and planning information for Activity Coordinators.

Dementia Support Craft Ideas from Twinkl

A wealth of free printables appear once you choose one of the craft idea categories – such as these fabulous Van Gogh printables:

Van Gogh Printables from Twinkl

Head over to Twinkl for free printables for elderly care whether you’re an Activity Coordinator in a residential care home or caring for someone at home.

Free elderly care resources

Twinkl Educational Publishing