Scribble Art

Since we can’t run our group art therapy during lockdown we decided to create an online ‘art AS therapy’ group instead – this is an informal drop-in type session where we just chat and create as the mood takes us.

Coloured Duck from Squiggle Drawing

Last week we had a go at doing some scribble art, which worked really well so this week we tried a suggestion to do it with our non-dominant hand.

The idea is to draw with your eyes shut and see what pops out at you from the resulting squiggles.

Original Page of Squiggles with Non-Dominant Hand
Picking out the Shapes

All members of the group get something different and it’s really exciting to see what happens – give it a go!

Some dominant-hand squiggle drawings from the previous online session

A Fox Emerged from an 11 Year Old’s Squiggles
rabbit from squiggle drawing
Rabbit Emerges from Squiggle Drawing with Eyes Closed

The online sessions are hosted by an Art Therapist but are strictly NOT art therapy sessions, just a place to chat and make art with whatever you have to hand – we had a person join today and said it was the first time she’d drawn!

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